A workshop to discover the poetic dimension of objects

Emilio H. Díaz Abregú

Through different exercises the participants of the workshop will be introduced to the different techniques and concepts used during the creation of Rotes Velo´s last two productions REVOLUTION DADA and TERRA INCOGNITA.
The workshop is oriented to performers coming from different backgrounds. Dancers, choreographers, actors, visual artists will find in the workshop common ground to explore their personal practice from a different perspective.

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Hella Immler

Because of the big interest and demand of so many women there are more dates

Sunday, 4. September 2022
Sunday, 9. Octobre 2022
Sunday, 20. November 2022

13.30 - 17:15 pm

With a YOGA SESSION, you will recharge your batteries, strengthen and stabilise your body and mind. A silent WALKING MADEITATION in the beautiful flower garden of the organic farm gives you inner balance and peace on your way to yourself. In case of rain, we paint our own MANDALA in peace and concentration.
A final SITTING MEDITATION and deep relaxation with RESTORATIVE YOGA will help you to release tension and arrive within yourself.

The Women's Sunday can be complemented with a soothing MASSAGE at the time of your choice.

Optional you can go to the SAUNA in the idyllic trailer on the farm which gives you the feeling of being reborn (only between October and April).

Women's Sunday is suitable for ALL WOMEN, regardless of age and whether you have done yoga before or this will be your first time.
An afternoon dedicated to your own body and mind.

Biohof Schüpfenried, 3043 Uettligen
17min from the main station Bern

Costs: 70 CHF
Sauna: 25 CHF
Massage: 110 - 150 CHF for 60 - 90 min

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Hella Immler

YOGA & BRUNCH is for everyone, woman or man, young or old, whether you have done yoga before or whether this will be your first time. A morning dedicated to your well-being, an experience for body, mind and palate.

Treat yourself to a revitalising yoga class from 09:30 - 11:00. Following the relaxing and invigorating lesson, a colourful, delicious brunch awaits you with homemade spreads, breads, fruits, refreshing salts and sweets, with organic farm products or from regional producers. A lovingly prepared, sumptuous brunch - you've earned it!

09:30 - 11:00 - Yoga lesson
11:00 - 13:00 - Brunch

Biohof Schüpfenried, 3043 Uettligen
17min from the main station Bern

Costs: 70 CHF

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yoga with hella
yoga for beginners to advAnced

Hella Immler

Hella offers Yoga for dancers but as well for people who just start moving. Welcome to her weekly classes:

EVERY MONDAY 18 - 19:15 PM
Hofsaal, Biohof Schüpfenried
3032 Uettligen
Bus 102 in 17min from main station Bern -> Uettligen, Schüpfenried

+41 (0)76 267 09 95
Contact form or

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suitable for secondary and high schools

In connection with the visit to the performance of TERRA INCOGNITA we offer a 60-minute workshop for school classes. This workshop can also be held separately from the performance and in this case with more time. The performance will be complemented by a supporting programme that will make the contact between artists and young people closer and more personal. The aim is to actively involve the young people into this play.

A big part of the work in TERRA INCOGNITA is object manipulation. In the workshop the school classes will build creatures with materials and objects of our pool and bring them to life. With our dramaturge of the play they will work on small texts, deconstruct and reconstruct them, and experience and explore movements from the play, through professional guidance. In this workshop the students will move from playful writing, verbal and physical expression, to build with a lot of creativity and imagination fantastic creatures. Through this workshop they will be able to experience themselves and the group in a completely different way.

The universal themes of the object theatre are perfectly suited to the theme of "finding oneself" in the period of adolescence. The literary basis of the play comprises central works of philosophy, psychology, mythology and fiction and is therefore perfectly suited for secondary and high schools.

+41 (0)76 267 09 95 I contact form or

Further information for schools here ->

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Hella Immler

Dancing is a artistic and creative way of expression that doesn't know any age limit. The dance improv courses address curious and adventurous adults between 50 and 105 who are still - or again - eager express themselves through movement.

It doesn't require a flexible body - we can even dance sitting! - but a nimble mind. Through dance we learn to become conscious of and to feel our bodies. You will learn an entirely new facet of your personality and that it's never too late not even with 60, 70...

The shared joy of expressing ourselves through dance is central in this sensual, intuitive and individual movement language. To let everybody dance how their bodies allow them, so they can follow their needs - that's my motto.

Next courses:

SATURDAY 12TH OF MARCH 2022, 10:30 - 12:00

Place: Moving Studio, Hintere Bahnhofstrasse 5, 9000 St.Gallen

See more about workshop dates.

As in spring due to the situation of COVID19 courses coudn't happen, I made some videos that you can use for dancing at home.



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Spontaneous Composition

Emilio H. Díaz Abregú

This workshop led by Emilio H. Díaz Abregú addresses dancers, choreographers, performers, actors and other artists who are interested in analysing movement. Improvisation as a space of creation. What are the right assignments that help us to find results that can be shown on stage? We try out assignments, we experiment and research. This workshop serves as an exchange and a panel to analyse questions and topics that theatre and dance have in common. The structure of this workshop alter rates between theory and practice what makes it rich and exciting.

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My WILD-gentle beast in me

Contemporary dance workshop

Hella Immler

«Men are like all other animals playful by nature..»

This is a class, a moment, to cultivate our inherent physical intelligence, and experiencing fun and joy moving together and «being moved».

We start with a very body-aware, deep and dynamic warm up that activates our full sensitivity by stimulating our imagination with internal images. Thereby we become more conscious of our bodies and learn to know it better. We relax our articulations and let the energy flow with maximum efficiency.

This work prepares the body for a highly physical and energetic class. We focus on the concept of "attack and release": I am relaxed but physically always ready to attack. The extensive floor work constantly demands a natural flow, precision and a strong centre. Dean soft, flowing, space consuming and at the same time swift, precise, strong but relaxed, is the challenge of this class - a physically demanding training.

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Weekend courses
on the Organic Farm SCHÜPFENRIED

On the quaint farm where the company ROTES VELO devises it's own productions, the company also offers courses in the beautiful sun-drenched farm hall. If you love movement, nature, encounters and exchange, these weekend's will lend wings to you.

Current courses will be announced here.


Past - Present - Future

A weekend for remembering, for sharing and for dreaming of a better future.

We invited for a eventful movement weekend to our Organic Farm Schüpfenried. We got connected with our bodies and the community.
A weekend were we danced together, researched, contemplated, wrote, went for walks and made a fire together, ate and drank.

Whom did this weekend address:
Anybody no matter what life experience, no matter what stage of life and what plans for the future, was welcome.

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If you are interested in a workshop please feel free to contact us directly.