Together it’s easier to pedal! That’s why ROTES VELO is happy to have their association members.

Each penny of the members’ dues will be a direct benefit to the arts. On top of this, it’s just fun being an active part of the growing ROTES VELO family!

These are the benefits

  • Members will always be kept updated
  • You’ll have discounts an all our company’s events
  • ou’ll be invited to witness the rehearsal process, so you will be close to the action when we devise our productions

Annual fee

  • CHF 70.– for individuals
  • CHF 100.– for couples

Let’s pedal hard and support dance theatre and subscribe here!

We thank you for transferring the membership dues to our account:
Rotes Velo Tanzkompanie
Postkonto: 61-768374-5
IBAN: CH80 0900 0000 6176 8374 5

May we welcome you as a new member?

Read the regulations of our association.