Dancing is an artistic and creative way of expression that doesn't know any age limit.

The professional dancer and director of ROTES VELO Hella Immler has documented her work in a film in which she leads a group of senior dance enthusiasts. Her 40 minute Documentary gives insight of this work through interviews and discussions into the world of these people who have never lost their love of movement and have the courage to fulfill their needs at their advanced age.

Here one sees the bodies of the between 60-80 year old people speak in their language pure and honest. We see past the typical cliches and judgements that limit our views of older people in our society by witnessing what the dancers are capable of. Their experiences and their openness to share that with others opens the doors for all of us to this generation.

A Documentary in which older people through their joy and love of movement and their curiosity and desire to experiment how to express themselves through dancing is shown through their absolute trust and touching openness that they are not only interesting for their Age Group but also for their individuality as people.

Hella Immler gives here recognition through her experiences in her work the positive and nurturing aspect of dance and freedom of expression through dance not only for younger generations but extends the message that this is a valuable important work for all ages.

This film had its world premiere in the cinema KinoK in St.Gallen/CH and was shown at international Filmfestivals in Buenos Aires (ARG), Lissabon (PRT) und Logrono (ESP)



EDITOR: Constantin Georgescu,
Max Negrelli

CAMERA: Constantin Georgescu,
Kristian Breitenbach

PARTICIPANTS: Marcel Affentranger,
Dorothea Appenzeller, Patsch Guggenheim-Ami, Hans Guggenheim, Barbara Immler, Eva Lobeck,
Ursula Meier-Seltmann, Johanna Rossi, Susanna Röösli, Ruth Stöckli

ASSISTANT: Exequiel Barreras


DURATION: 40 minutes

DVD © 2013 available

PRODUCTION: Tanz im Alter / 2013


4. May 2013 KinoK, St.Gallen

further sceenings:
4. May (twice), 4., 9., 12. June 2013

Selected for international Filmfestivals:

«VideodanzaBA 2013»
in Buenos Aires (ARG)

Festival in Lissabon (PRT)

«Festivalfiver» International Videodance
Festival of La Rioja (ESP)

Media reports

«They describe in a very touching way the motivations for their actions, which - completely untainted from any intention of enactment – support self-awareness and the integration into the sound towards a body-awareness there was no room left for in a long working life.»

St.Galler Tagblatt, 6.Mai 2013

Supported by

Stadt St.Gallen

Kulturförderung Kanton St.Gallen

Amt für Gesellschaftsfragen St.Gallen

Migros Kulturprozent

Ernst Göhner Stiftung

Ostschweizer Stiftung für Musik / Theater

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Rosenberg Institut

Company members




    was born in Romania in 1973. From 1993 to 2012 he worked as a dancer at the National Ballet in Bucharest, the City Theatres in Constanta/Romania and Augsburg, the State Theatres in Saarbrücken and Braunschweig, and the Tanztheater Bremen. In 2000 he began to create his own plays. Not only as a dancer and choreographer he was awarded several times, but also as a video artist he won several prizes with his dance short films. He has created video installations for many dance performances. He works as a freelance dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and video artist worldwide. He is editor of the documentary film "Dance in the golden age".


    Artistic director / Choreographer / Performer

    Was born in Cordoba/Argentina in 1984 and received his first dance and theatre lessons there. In 2001 the Julio Bocca and Chet Walker Foundation awarded him with a scholarship and one year later he became a member of the Ballet Contemporáneo del Teatro San Martín in Buenos Aires where he danced for 7 years. Since 2005 he has been working on his own pieces, which have been shown in Argentina, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and the USA. He works in Europe since 2009. After one season as a dancer at the Landestheater Coburg, he joined the Dance Company of the Theater St. Gallen, where he was engaged as a dancer, and temporarily as assistant to the company, from 2010 to 2014 under the direction of Marco Santi and from 2014 to 2017 under the direction of Beate Vollack. From 2017-22 he was the choreographic assistant and movement dramaturge of the Dance Company Konzert Theater Bern alongside Estefania Miranda and later Isabelle Bischof. There he worked with world-renowned choreographers such as Sharon Eyal, Jo Strømgren, Eduard Clug, Cathy Marston, Bryan Arias, Ihsan Rustem, Felix Landerer among others. In 2011 he founded the ROTES VELO Kompanie with the need to bring artists from different fields together. He develops and explores innovative ways to blur the boundaries of dance, music and theatre. Since then the company has put on over 100 performances and creates one or two new productions every year. In 2016 the company was awarded "for the development and realisation of new, ambitious and high-quality projects" by the city of St. Gallen. As artistic director and choreographer in Switzerland he collaborates and creates for productions in the independent scene and at theatres such as Theater St. Gallen, Theater Chur, Konzert Theater Bern and Luzerner Theater among others.


    Performer / Artistic director / Production manager

    Born in 1983 in Massat/France. She studied dance in Berlin and at the University of the Arts "ArtEZ" in Arnhem/Netherlands. In 2008 she became a company member at the Tanztheater Osnabrück/DE and from 2009 to 2014 at the Theater St. Gallen/CH. Amongst others she danced for the choreographers Anton Lachky, Jossi Berg & Oded Graf, Jozef Frucek & Linda Kapetanea. She teaches contemporary dance and leads the professional training in St.Gallen, Basel, Dornbirn and Cologne on a regular basis. She is also a teacher at the Conservatoire de Fribourg. Since 2009 she is leading courses in dance improvisation for people aged over 50. In 2011 she co-founded the ROTES VELO Kompanie and accomplished several productions as production manager and performer. She also produced the documentary "Tanz im Alter". From 2015 to 2017 she was responsible for the general management of the Tanzfest St.Gallen. She is as well a certified Yoga teacher. She works as a freelance dancer, project manager, dance and yoga teacher and as a hospital clown for the Theodora Foundation.