We write books about love, make movies about love, paintings, artworks, we make theatre plays, dance pieces about love, yet still we have the same essential questions concerning love as we had ages ago.

What is love had nothing to do with great romantic feelings? if it would be much more trivial? In the 21st century we continue being incapable to understand love.

In “Plop!” Two dancers and a musician share intimate memories and feelings. “Plop!” puts the audience on a roller coaster of emotions: soulful devotion change with laughter about others and ourselves and our own incapacity to find the right words and gestures in the right moment.


Exequiel Barreras

PERFORMANCE: Exequiel Barreras,
Emma Skyllbäck

LIVE-MUSIC: Raoul Alain Nagel

LIGHT: Emilio H. Díaz Abregú

DURATION: about 25 minutes 

PRODUCTION: Plop! / 2015


Premiere: 29. November
2014, Warschau Dance festival (PL)

Further performances:
22. Dezember 2015, Grabenhalle St.Gallen

Company members




    was born in Sweden in 1984 and received her first dance training as part of the dance scholarship program of Löftadalens Folkhögskola in Varberg. From 2005 to 2006 she studied in New York with an international student visa. Emma Skyllbäck completed her dance training in 2009 at the Iwanson Schule in Munich. From 2009-14 Emma Skyllbäck has been a member of the Dance Company of the City Theater St.Gallen. Since 2012 she also works as a singer and has her own band "the moment yes" with Raoul Nagel. Since 2016 she is a certified yoga teacher and teaches in different studios. Since 2012 she works with ROTES VELO and is seen as performer in many productions.


    Artistic director / Choreographer / Performer

    Was born in Cordoba/Argentina in 1984 and received his first dance and theatre lessons there. In 2001 the Julio Bocca and Chet Walker Foundation awarded him with a scholarship and one year later he became a member of the Ballet Contemporáneo del Teatro San Martín in Buenos Aires where he danced for 7 years. Since 2005 he has been working on his own pieces, which have been shown in Argentina, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and the USA. He works in Europe since 2009. After one season as a dancer at the Landestheater Coburg, he joined the Dance Company of the Theater St. Gallen, where he was engaged as a dancer, and temporarily as assistant to the company, from 2010 to 2014 under the direction of Marco Santi and from 2014 to 2017 under the direction of Beate Vollack. From 2017-22 he was the choreographic assistant and movement dramaturge of the Dance Company Konzert Theater Bern alongside Estefania Miranda and later Isabelle Bischof. There he worked with world-renowned choreographers such as Sharon Eyal, Jo Strømgren, Eduard Clug, Cathy Marston, Bryan Arias, Ihsan Rustem, Felix Landerer among others. In 2011 he founded the ROTES VELO Kompanie with the need to bring artists from different fields together. He develops and explores innovative ways to blur the boundaries of dance, music and theatre. Since then the company has put on over 100 performances and creates one or two new productions every year. In 2016 the company was awarded "for the development and realisation of new, ambitious and high-quality projects" by the city of St. Gallen. As artistic director and choreographer in Switzerland he collaborates and creates for productions in the independent scene and at theatres such as Theater St. Gallen, Theater Chur, Konzert Theater Bern and Luzerner Theater among others.


    Musical director / performer

    The singer and composer lives and works in Switzerland and Germany, where he writes and performs music for Theater and TV. Since 2017 he is responsible for the musical score of the German crime show WAPO Bodensee. Raoul Nagel sang as a frontman for the Swiss bands K-tharsis, Culture Connection and The Moment Yes and was part of the first movement of Swiss Poetry Slams. He was DJ and host at the local radio, working for two different formats and producing jingles and radio plays. At the Theater St. Gallen he worked as a technician, composer and live musician. His efforts brought him to different theater houses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In 2016 Raoul Nagel has worked with Rotes Velo for the first time and was since then part in many projects and performances along the way, be it as performer on stage or as musical director. As media composer he produces and writes for many genres and formats, such as RBB Berlin, for radio and internet, talks shows and podcasts, commercials and image films.